Emergency Care and Transport
The caring, professional and experienced healthcare providers with the Town of Watertown Ambulance are ready to respond to any medical crisis 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. We provide the utmost in caring and compassionate patient care each and every patient contact we make. 
The Town of Watertown Ambulance works with all disciplines of emergency services including local fire departments, law enforcement and other EMS agencies to bring forth the most favorable outcome possible. Our professionals are expertly trained in many aspects of Emergency Crisis Intervention. Through training, and many years of experience, our staff provides the best possible patient care in the most caring and compassionate environment.
With the Town of Watertown Ambulance ,whether a minor sprain, laceration, simple fall or more serious condition such and difficulty breathing, major trauma, or cardiac arrest, you can be assured you will receive the best prehospital medical care paired with the most caring emotional support available in the industry. 


Coverage Area
The Town of Watertown Ambulance serves a total area of 36.1 square miles, of which, 36.0 square miles of it is land and 0.1 square miles of it is water. It surrounds the City of Watertown in a horseshoe fashion to the south.
We serve a population of of nearly 4,500 community members in the Town of Watertown as well and hundreds of visitors to various medical  and long term care facilities and in our area. 
The Town of Watertown is located in central portion of Jefferson County, situated south of the Black River, which serves as the Town's northern boundary. The Town of Watertown is bordered to the north by the City of Watertown and the Towns of Brownville, Pamelia and Le Ray, to the east by the Town of Rutland, to the south by the Towns of Adams and Rodman, and to the west by the Town of Hounsfield.
Interstate 81 passes through the west part of the town. U.S. Route 11 is a north-south highway in through the town. New York State Route 3, New York State Route 12, New York State Route 12F, New York State Route 126, and New York State Route 232 are east-west highways through Watertown. Many of these highways converge in the City of Watertown.
Through exceptional relationships with neighboring EMS agencies which form a vast network of emergency professionals, prompt and effective care is provided to every resident in Jefferson county. In order to assure the best and most expedient medical care, we eagerly partner with and support our many surrounding communities to provide advanced and routine medical care.


Community Education
 The Town of Watertown Ambulance is dedicated to assuring the safety of the the entire community.  This starts with training the community to be safe and to respond to emergency situations. Many of our staff are certified instructors in areas such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Community First aid. We work with the members of the community to educate and train them to appropriately respond to emergency situations thereby saving lives and minimizing the negative effects of injuries and illnesses.
Favorable outcomes in any medical emergency are best obtained when care begins immediately. Our staff knows the incredible value of sharing our vast knowledge with the community in order to promote health and safety. Therefore, we routinely provide the community with free blood pressure checks as well as vital healthcare information at many community safety and healthcare events. 
If you or your group would like to host a CPR or Community First Aid course, please feel free to contact us. Our staff is eager and willing to help deliver this vital information to everyone. Through rapid intervention in the most critical of emergencies, we all can save lives together.
Inter-facility Transport
The staff at Town of Watertown Ambulance are committed to providing quality medical care from the time of the initial emergency straight through to full recovery. We are here to provide medical transport to wherever your required care takes you. Whether you require a specialty medical consult, or an advanced treatment not available at our local medical facilities, our staff is ready to transport you wherever you need to go. 
Do not let stress and financial concerns effect your health and well being. If you need a prolonged and distant transport in order to receive the best possible care for your condition, our experienced billing staff will work with the hospital staff and your insurance to minimize any financial concerns you may have.